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Deformed Bar - Black/Galvanized Steel Bar

We are specialized in deformed bar, which is also called reinforcing steel bar, rebar or ribbed steel bar. We also supply the thinner ones: 3-8 mm. Our products are controlled strictly by our quality team. It's applied in a range of projects, such as building, housing, bridges, highway.

There are three pieces of deformed bar with ribs.
Deformed bar with ribs can increase abrasion. They are made into wire netting to be used in constructions.
There is a bundle of reinforcing steel in store.
Reinforcing steel has so high tensile strength that it's usually made into concrete welded mesh.


  • Material: ordinary low carbon steel, high quality carbon structural steel and low alloy steel.
  • Quality Control: ISO 9001.
  • Surface treatment: black, hot-dipped galvanization, electronic galvanization.

Black reinforcement deformed bar

  • Diameter: 3-8 mm.
  • Material Standard: ASTM/ASME SA 276, ASTM/ASME SA 479, BS 4449. BS 5896, GB/T5223-2002, ASTM A881/A881M.
    Specification of black deformed bar
    No. Nominal diameter (mm) Cross section (mm2) High cross rib midpoint (mm) Max mandrel diameter (mm) Indent depth (mm) Weight per meter (g/m)
    BDB4 4 12.6 0.3 16 0.20-0.28 96-101
    BDB5 5 19.6 0.32 20 0.25-0.35 150-158
    BDB6 6 28.3 0.4 24 0.30-0.42 216-228
    BDB7 7 38.5 0.42 28 0.43-0.57 302-320
    BDB8 8 50.3 0.5 32 0.48-0.64 383-406
    There is one roll of white deformed bars.
    Hot-dipped galvanized steel bars are bound with straps tightly. They are made into wire netting or used in tie & lifting area.
  • Tensile strength: 575-775 MPa.
  • Yield strength: min. 500 MPa.
  • 0.2% proof stress: min. 485 MPa.
  • Elongation: min. 8%.
  • Transverse rib distance: 4.0 mm.
  • Bent times: all the wire 3 times without fracture.
  • Relaxation:
    • Initial Load of min nominal breaking strength: 60% - 80%.
    • 1000 h value no more than: 1% - 3%.

Note: The data is tested from every fifth coil or former products of reinforcing wires.

Galvanized deformed bar

  • Diameter: 3-6 mm.
  • Standard: armouring wire BS EN 10244, heavy coating ASTM A 392, commercial coating ASTM A 641.
Data of galvanized deformed bar
No. Diameter (mm) Mass of zinc coating min. (g/m2) Standard Adherence of coating Tensile strength Elongation
GSW-376 3.76 366 heavy coating ASTM A 392, commercial ASTM A 641 1D 340-460 MPa 10%
GSW-450 4.5 366
GSW-200A 2.00-2.65 92
GSW-300A 3.00-3.76 92
GSW-180 1.8 70
GSW-200B 2.00-2.50 70
GSW-300B 3.00-3.76 70
GSW-400 4 70

Zinc cover:

  • 75 micron for one layer.
  • 140 micron for double layers.

The treatment of surface hot-dipped galvanized could increase chloride threshold and reduce PH level so that it prolongs the life of the steel bar up to 20 years.

Package: Deformed rebars are bound together with steel strips tightly and wrapped in stretch film.

  • In coil: 500 kg per big coil. 25 kg each coil, 20 coils bounded in one big coil. Coil diameter: min. inner 300 mm, max. outer 800 mm.
  • In bars: 500 kg/bundle, length: 250 mm - 12000 mm.

Note: We certify that the above materials comply with the specification standard. We could also produce as per customers standard.

In one container there are many rolls of reinforcing steel bars in 5 rows. Each roll is packed with a layer of seaworthy plastic film.
Reinforcing steel deformed bars are rolled with machine. They are packed with a layer of thick plastic to resist water and corrosion.
There are several bundles of rebar, wrapped with steel strips. They are cut into the same length.
Deformed bars are bounded with steel strips tightly. They are used in industrial construction.

Feature of ribbed steel bar

  • Saving Cost: The tensile strength of cold rolled ribbed bar increases 1.5 times than raw material because of the process of plastic deformation after cold forming. As a result, under the same pressure, deformed bars are saved.
  • Reduce loss: Reinforcing bar in coil can not only improve productivity but also reduce losses with automatic machines.
  • Non-Flammable: When welding, burning, melting, sawing, brazing, grinding, or other similar processes, it's inevitable to projection out of flame. The ribbed steel bar won't hurt your health.
  • Stability: Steel products are stable in normal storage and operating conditions, except strong acid and alkali.
  • Robust construction & abrasion resistance: The ribs increase the abrasion between rebar and concrete. Combining with concrete, it makes the construction firmly.
  • Easy installation.

With high tensile strength and durability, reinforced concrete wire is widely used in a range of industries and applications, such as spring manufacture, wire forming, tie and lifting, wire mesh, wire netting, wire products, construction.

There is one roll of welded mesh made of galvanized steel bars.
Thinner deformed bars with good durability could be welded into mesh and rolled together.
Concrete reinforcement column made of deformed bars are used in buildings.
Deformed bars are high tensile strength enough to be used in buildings.

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